Superyachts Vanuatu welcomes YOU to Vanuatu

Superyachts Vanuatu offer specialized services for Superyachts visiting Vanuatu

Our new and informative site will be coming soon…

Meanwhile below is a short description of what we offer our customers

-Vanuatu’s top Superyacht Guides (Dive, Fish, Cultural)

-Tailored Cruise Itineraries (Where to go, what to see)

-Concierge Services (Let us know what you need, we’ll make it happen)

-Crew Support (What to do in Vanuatu during your off time)

-Temporary Crew & Day Workers (To help you when needed)

For more information or to book our services please send your message to:


To ensure the highest level of service and support for our customers, Superyachts Vanuatu recommends Yacht Services Vanuatu

Photo by David Kirkland Photography and Vanuatu Tourism Office